July 2012 Now only a year behind! Things did not happen near as fast as we expected but…. that’s life.

Chapter 6

July 2012

July 1 Sunday   Today seems to a good day start another chapter on my recovery journey.  Nancy and I went for beignets and coffee at a great little place reasonably close by.  Stopped by Sprouts and got some stuff to grill outside on the new grill. I’ve already got in an 11/2 mile walk with Bella and Heidi for decently fast several laps.  Probably do another mile or so this evening when it is a bit cooler.  Eck, just remembered to do some PT exercises so let me jump on those real quick.

I try to remember every day to appreciate what I do have in spite of the events in the last 1 ½ years.  It could have all too easily been lots worse.  I could still be wheelchair bound with little hope of even walking, have lots of severe pain, or even completely bedridden, I am none of those. No, I am not the old me but there is a lot of hope in getting at least some of the old me mostly back.

My best walking speed is slowly improving, down to almost 24 min per mile if I just push a little bit.  As I said earlier, my immediate goal is 20 min mile so I am getting there.  It was not that long ago when I first really started walking long my average was 40 minutes mile and here I am knocking off nearly 16 minutes per mile. Whoo Hoo! J The PT exercises are coming along and I can do 12 pushups, still from the knees and not toes as I should.  Trying to become more flexible on the toes but that will take a bit of time. 

The major impediment, I think, to my recovery is being an old fart, I was 65, nearly 66!, when the accident happened.  I think most people my age would have never made it, I’ve just been around too many folks , young and old, that don’t have the whatever to do better and get better.  If I were 20 years younger it might have been a faster healing process for me but it is useless to dwell on the “what ifs”. I can still feel the hernia incision sometimes on a harder walk but I am not surprised.  I had a kidney removed 30 some years ago and even though I healed within a few months I still could feel the incision for about 2 years, it took that long to completely heal.

Took another hard 2-mile stroll this morning and got under 51 minutes.  I had to work at it a bit and Heidi accompanied me for 3 laps, I think she was ready for a break after only 2 laps.  What’s she gonna do when we really start putting the metal to the pedal?  It should not take her long to get back into shape.  I’m tired, feel like I just did a 15-mile run and here I am only doing 2 miles.  Jeez, how long will it take to get back to doing the 15-mile walks/runs?  Looks as though I will have lots of time and just need to bid my time for a few more weeks before I get back doing the long walks.  Damn, I’m ready right now!

Doing some PT exercises with my right foot and trying to make it turn in since I have little control in that direction it is a hell of lot work.  One grunts, groans, and grunts some more and nothing, or little, happens.  But… it is a teeny weensy bit better than before, just needs a lot more work.  Since I am on the subject of PT, I am doing some, actually very little, yard work.  I am doing it so I can bend, stretch balance or whatever and I use that in lieu of exercising all day long.

July 3  Tues  A trip to the defense doctor was most interesting.  I guess all of my several hospitals, a whole bunch of different doctors, and probably a foot thick stack of medical records is not enough for the defense, they wanted their own doctor to examine me.  We were there 3 hours with virtually no waiting.  They made x-rays of my right hand, shoulder, hip, right leg, and both feet, really almost all of my right side.  Of course, there were lots of different kinds of measurements and strength checks and I think I had no problem convincing the doctor I needed my PT, lots of time to heal, and I would be fortunate to be nearly whole.  I really liked that doctor, and his staff, and if I could, I would certainly prefer to go to him instead of the orthopedic doc I am now seeing.  Oh, I know that it did not hurt that the defense doctor had done several Camp Pendleton Team Mud Runs and we talked just a little bit about my running.

Ron, our defense attorney, has 5 depositions to do in the next 2 or 3 weeks.  One is for the traffic analysts, a couple of police officers, and I don’t know who else.  The police officers are mostly clueless so there should be no problem with them.  The traffic analysts did a great job on my behalf so they should be a big help. I’ll see if I can find out from Nancy who the other people are.

Wed. July 4   Here it is 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I am so fricking sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.  I think getting up at 7 am or earlier for the last 3 days is doing me in.  Hopefully I’ll be doing that lots when everything is settled and I can drive somewhere.  Have no clue what’ll I be doing somewhere, hopefully lots of walking all the place, new places to walk, riding an Elliptigo bike, something.

I do remember last year Nancy wanted me to go down the little hill in the wheelchair to watch the fireworks and not use the walker cause she did not want me to over exert myself and be safe.  Our neighbor across the street, Jake, had to push me back up to the house, Nancy just did not have the wherewithal to get me back.  This year, no wheelchair, no walker, and no cane, yipeeee!  I still use the cane on walks for appearances sake.

Weighed myself this morning and, not happy at 168.8 pounds. This is the heaviest I’ve been in a very, very long time.  Guess it is time to not eat, just not cut back and just not eat for a day or so and then very lightly.  And walk a lot along with lots of PT exercises. Then Sat. morning I’ll check myself again. Two or three years ago, when I was running really well and working hard I could weigh 148 pounds.  Yep, 148!  Now I would be ecstatic to be 158 or 160 and that is my goal within two or three months.

I did find 3 quarters and a penny; hope this is a harbinger of things to come. I did 2 miles in 60 minutes, could I do a 10k in 2-2.5 hours?  Right now I kinda doubt it but give me a few weeks and you bet your bottom dollar I could, and maybe a bit faster.  25 years ago, I would say a lot faster but this old fart is just gonna take longer; age just does that to you. Cruddy dud!!!

More walkin’ and trying not to really push myself on every lap but I am happy my average lap times are slowly improving to under 7:30 lap and often right at 7 min. Lots on my mind today:  the settlement is coming soon (I hope!) and what I want do once everything is settled. As I’ve said before I do not want a sports car, expensive clothes, or lots of clothes, lots of fine dining (maybe once in a great while for Nancy), lots of exotic trips and anything expensive. I will take a sauna, an Elliptigo bike, treatment for my eyes and do almost whatever for all the hurts or is poorly functioning.  All this is relatively inexpensive. Basically, everything I want is to help me get better and get the real me back.  Also thought about which trail runs I might be able to do this fall/winter, provided I could get in shape for them.  Probably no 50 k’s for a long, long while but I might be able to do a couple of 30 k’s (18 miles) next spring. The Ridgecrest 30/50K next Dec might doable since that is the easiest 50k in SoCal.   A half marathon easy trail run would be great; I just need to make sure my eyes are not bigger than the run.

I want to be around trail/road running friends and enjoy myself out somewhere.  Driving will make everything so much obtainable.  Nancy does get a bit irritated with me cause I tend to downplay my hurts, I guess it is the ultra runner in me and I just overlook most pains.  When I say a pain is a 3 it is probably 5 or 6 for most other people.  I’m trying, I’m trying to do better.  About the only thing that really aches when I walk is my shoulder and it is really a 3 or maybe 4 but I probably should say a 5.  Speaking of walking, I did 4 ½ miles today and ½ mile each with Bella and Heidi, they were good.

July 7 Sat  I guess the 4 ½ miles yesterday really did me in, just don’t want to walk at all today.  I guess my spirit wanna be is bigger than my body.  I think once I can roam further away things will be better.  I hope so cause I really want to go all over the place.

It has been said the biggest regret is often not doing something and later wishing you had.  One of my biggest regrets is not taking lots and lots of photos out on the trails or runs.  I do have a few really good ones but dang it, wished I had lots more.  When I get back out there, I will make sure to take lots and lots of photos.

I’m hungry, but not really, I think.  For breakfast, I had 1 waffle with a tiny bit of syrup and late this afternoon I wolfed down an In-and-Out burger (no cheese!) and more fries than I really needed.  Later today I made energy bars and they are good.  All they are is dried fruit like dried plums, dried figs, dates and just a little bit of nut pieces and I feel a little guilty when I eat one, they’re like candy.  We’ll eat out Sunday for Nancy’s birthday and I’ll really try not to pig out.  It won’t be hard cause I do a pretty credible job of watching the diet.

FB is a great way to pass the time especially since I feel I can’t do anything worthwhile.  Love reading about everyone doing this race or that trail, the occasional trail owie on the knee or whatever.  Just wanna do something besides sitting around all day with my thumb up my butt. 

I will have several of these shirts made once everything is settled.  I think this will a huge attention grabber.



July 9 Monday    Because of the accident, another pond contractor ended up doing a rainwater harvesting system with 2 waterfalls at Huntington Beach.  Just found out from Cliff, a fellow pond contractor, that the contractor who ended up with the job instead of me still has not been paid by the general contractor and is out $15,000.  That would have done exceedingly great damage to my finances.  That’s one really good thing because of the accident and one minor thing, no more athletics feet!  At one time I was really bummed out because Cliff tried to salvage the job but the general contractor ended up being a flaky operator and so we lost out on what would was supposed to be my biggest and highest exposure job.  Now I am so glad we lost out and not do the job.

I went with Cliff today to see a lady about doing some work for her.  She’d originally called me but I told her I am no longer working and that she should talk with Cliff.  Since it is so close by Cliff and I went together and it appears that he might get a good job out of this, I hope so because he has been a huge help in the last 1 ½ years. Being the good guy I am and wanting to get rid of stuff anyways Cliff ended up with all my leftover Aquascape stuff, nearly all my pvc fittings and irrigation stuff. I will never work again except for stuff around my house and just want a lot of stuff just gone!

Our housekeeper needed to come in a day early so I got up really early, 7 am, washed and dried all my bed stuff.  She makes the bed for me since I can’t really do that very well, yet!  Got in an early 2 mile walk, weeded the garden and washed the truck, all before 12:30 pm. There were a bunch of leaves in the back of the truck and normally I would just use my blower to blow out the leaves.  But… my blower no workee and I could not climb into the back of the truck, just too high with the way the driveway slopes down. 

A lady from the Project Clear came by this afternoon and just checked on how I was doing with all the MSRA stuff (soap, mouthwash, and nasal ointment) I’ve been using most of the year.  Also she takes swaps of my nose, mouth, armpits, and groin area.  I am no longer embarrassed about dropping my pants, at least a little ways, and I received $35 and I’ll save it for something special.

About to do PT and I need to do some like right now! Pushups were a bust today, guess I am a little more tired than I thought.  But I can do some stretching and I need lots cause everything is way too tight.  I mean everything, well almost everything but I be darned if I know what works like it is supposed to

Crappy, crappy, just found out the trial is scheduled for Oct. and that means up to another 2 ½ months of this bullshit.  I am ready to wrap up everything NOW.  I want to really work on getting me back.  Me means my vision and driving, getting rid of most of my hurts/aches, going out for club runs (walking for me!) and just getting back into life.  Probably a good thing for the hernia and MRSA for if it did not happen and losing 4-5 months of rehab I most certainly would be in a piss poor mood right now, and stay that way for weeks and weeks more.

Just found I can do real pushups IF I wear my shoes.  Right now I can only go down about half way but it’ll get better cause I’ll do them at least once a day along with other odds and ends of PT.  Don’t know if I’ll get everything in at one time but should be able to get most everything in throughout the day.

July 12  Thur    Did a solid 3 miles today and my weight if finally is headed in the right direction, 165.8#.  Oh, the last mile was just a hair over 21 minute mile and so I ‘m closing in on my goal of 20 min mile.    Did all 3 miles in under 1:10.   I remember walking over to Brea blvd and that took a 1:22 just for 2 miles.   Definitely, getting faster and my endurance is improving and finally getting an endorphin rush.

Flashback:  Back in June/July 2011 when I first went up and down the stairs, Austin was on the down side of me for a long while just to make sure I was ok.  My balance was still iffy and I was just barely strong enough to go up and down the stairs. About that same time I was learning how to step up on the front door threshold.   It took me a while to comfortably go in and out.

Crud, there’s been another bike fatality here in Fullerton.  A biker was going down a hill on the Fullerton Loop just before Bastenchury and maybe lost control and went into the very busy street.  One car hit him and left (hit and run!) and then the biker was hit by another car, this one stayed to try give assistance.  I know that hill all too well both running and biking.  It can really be dicey on a bike if you are going very fast at all and try to stop while doing a  rather steep downhill, the tires just slide all over on the loose dirt/sand/small gravel and one could end up on the busy street which is just right there!

Regrets, there been a few and it is mostly what I did not do.  I wish I had someone take photos of Indy, Ginger, and me running and biking.  Yes, I had the big Dalmatian, Indy, and the smaller whippet like dog, Ginger, running with me while I was biking or running.  They really did well and we took up the whole sidewalk.  They NEVER pulled me over, ran into anything, and I never crashed while biking. People just can’t believe I took 2 dogs, on leashes, and rode my bike.  If I was in the right place, they could run free but they behaved wonderfully. 

Friday July 13   Did lots of walkin’ today.  1 ¼ mile each with Bella and Heidi, Bella was great today, one  


               Notice how my right foot is turned out?  Now it is mostly straight!

of her very best walks.  Heidi left her calling card down the street and I had to pick it up on my last lap.  Did another 1 ¼ miles and a grand total of 3 ¾ miles and 15 frickin’ laps, if it were not for the stopwatch on the I phone I would simply lose track of the laps and distance.  I want my Garmin back!

Along with the little bit of weight I’ve lost my shorts do feel a bit looser, yea!  Hopefully within 2 months or so I can really work off another 6 or 8 pounds. That means I would be back to about my normal running weight, very likely not in shape like I once was but good enough for now.

I’ll be the first to admit it does get lonely around here since I can’t really wander off like I want to, about all I can do is walk and piddle around on stuff.  If I could drive, everything would be so much different and better, at least I think so.  I always say “be careful what you wish for, it might end up biting you in the ass.”

Got in an early, for me, a 9 am 1 mile walk and the marine layer burned off just as I finished 1 mile, decided that was enough for now.   I read a lot on the Kindle and I’m always coming across a passage that I think might apply to me, ”Limping is better than being disabled and much better than being dead.”  I’ll take a drunk walk anytime over not being here. Finally wore some running socks instead of my grey Hanes I’ve worn exclusively for the last 1 ½ years, dug out some of my old ankle high running socks and now I have a nice band of white skin showing above those socks.  Looks kinda funny but I really don’t give a hoot.

A GPS is really great for going somewhere, too bad there is not such a device for life.  Something that could show the best way, shortest way, fastest, most scenic or whatever way to wherever one wants to go or do.  There is really no substitute  for hard work and being smart.  Even so, one still might have detours, like me! But all one can do is to try to make the best of it.  What is past is past and not a damn thing we can do to change it.  I’d really like to have another 1 ½ seconds to get out of the way but…..life goes on.

We’ll almost certainly have a settlement by Oct. and to that end I’ve been looking for 5 or 10 k races I might enter. The Chino Hill Series starts Nov 3 and is a 10k and I have been on parts of that course many times so that would be a great start on my comeback. Plus I’ll get to see many trail running friends and maybe even get a hug or two from the good lookin’ ladies. And I get to wear my new shirt, the one with “I really was hit by a bus, What is your excuse?” Can hardly wait.

I am really tired and sleepy.  I don’t know if it is the walking from yesterday or what, perhaps if I could walk somewhere else it might be a little more tolerable. Or just being around here all day and doing a whole lot of nutin’, just don’t know.  I’m sure the accident had nothing to do with me being nearly profoundly tired, yeah, right!  I did take Bella out for 2 laps and walked with Jane, our neighbor, and Heidi for 1 very slow lap and 1 more fast lap with Heidi.  The slow lap took 12 minutes and when I first started walking the block it would take me 13-14 minutes to one lap and now if I push I can do several under 6 minutes or even almost 5 minutes 😉

Today is nice and cool at 76 degrees and I’m cold, cannot seem to get really comfy unless I’m out walking, hard.  It would be nice to have the sauna now but maybe in a couple more months. I’ve already done 2 miles today so I guess it is time for another 2 laps or so to get warm and sweaty again which means it’ll be shower time.  It’s probably a good thing I had the hernia and the MRSA infection since they probably set back my rehab for a good 4 maybe 5 months.  If I now was where I should be on my rehab I think I would be a real bitch wanting to do lots more than I should right now.  Maybe a setback or two is a good thing. In addition my vision still sucks and not sure if I could drive, I think the pink eye might have screwed my left eye up a little, it just not seem as quite as good as it once was and my depth perception sucks.

7-15    Monday   Another great day for a walk round and round and round and round, 16 laps for 4 miles.  Bella and Heidi each got to do 2 laps.  I pushed a just a little harder for the last mile: The first lap was slower at 6:24 then 5:55, 5:38 and finally a 5:14 quarter for the last lap. That gets me down to about a about 22:30 mile w/o really pushing too, too hard, this after 3 miles.    I should be hitting 20 min miles in 3 or 4 weeks.  When, not if!, I can do several 20 minute miles it be time to reevaluate and set my next goal.  Whoopee, I did another mile this evening and not really too tired so I guess my endurance is building, slowly.  Now time to do some serious PT exercises.

It really gets boring and lonely around here without anyone to talk to or visit.  My head still feels like it is not quite on straight, it may have something with being bored, vision sucks and tinnitus is still there but comes and goes but mostly here, ugh.  I stopped taking the tinnitus medicine a few days ago, I wanted to see if it made any real difference and so far, I just don’t know if it really does anything. It is not just for tinnitus, but is supposed to help with sleep and is an antidepressant. I don’t think there are any issues with depression, just boredom.  If I could go walking wherever I wanted most of the boredom issues would be gone, maybe in another 2 months or so but damn that’s a long time.

Mick came over and we sat out by the fire pit for a while.  I enjoyed a bottle of Blue Moon, first in quite a while and it hit the spot.  She also made some homemade chicken noodle soup made with purple carrots so everything had a purplish tint, said it was really lots more purple earlier but was very good.  Saved some for Nancy.  We might try a new hamburger joint, Umiburger ?, that is really supposed to out there, probably better split one since I think they are quite large.

7-18 Wed   Pulled a good one today.  Really in the mood to clean stuff out of the garage so I went thru a lot of the sales brochures, etc. and tossed all, lots and lots. Unfortunately, it did not go into the recycle trashcan as I intended so I had to literally dump it all out so it could go in the right container.  They are too big just to reach in and grab everything.  I’ve done this before and will probably do it again but at least not for a while.  Pam, one of my good Cal Poly friends came over and took all the Water Shapes mags, a bunch of LA books and some other stuff, she will take them to a library so maybe a little good might come out of this.  Still have lots more stuff to go thru. Going thru all my old jobs, bank statements, etc, and tossing nearly everything, those I will have shredded.  Finally found a cheap place over in Orange and it should be less than maybe $25-30, about ½ price, or less, than anywhere else. 

Went to the dermatologist today to get sutures out and I do have two more bits of skin cancer. I think we might get to them before they become a real problem.  Go next week to do the face first and then the spot on the leg.  This is one thing I cannot blame on the accident and there is no intention of even trying.  Undoubtly, some jerks would try to do just that.

Another day, today I just really feel like doing a whole lot of nothing although I might try to do a bit of carpet shampooing downstairs.  Heidi has been taking some medicine for her nose and she is drinking a whole lot.  Not sure if she has really peed but sure seems like she might have.

Golly, just not the most chipper today, not even taking a walk this morning, maybe this evening when a bit cooler.  I don’t like this.  If I could just go walk somewhere I’d better feel a lot better.

Oh, Nancy told me I have an appointment with our attorney, Ron, next Wed to talk about our case.  She did say that initially the defense thought I was 75% at fault and now the faults have reversed, me 25% and the bus driver 75% at fault.  That still does not excuse the fact that 4 other cars were stopped and the driver knew the area, the bike crossing and there were no vision issues from his perspective.  I am most anxious to go see Ron and see what the game plan might be.  I am so ready for this to be over and settled.

Trying to do some PT exercises like standing on one feet and balancing.  Left foot is great, right foot, not so great and I can manage balancing on 1 maybe 2 seconds before touchdown.  I am working on my pushups, right now I can only go about half way down for 10 pushups but it is way better than just several weeks ago. I can do sit ups w/o any problems and stretching not a problem, just standing on right foot is the real challenge for me now.

I have been out in the garage tossing stuff I will never ever use again.  Damn, I used to be able to clean and put up or get rid of stuff in the garage nonstop for 2 or 3 hours  and make it look good, now I am good if I last 15 minutes. I did come across something very unexpected, a cd of quite a few photos from my Cal Poly trip to Italy, still missing all the Paris/Rome photos.  They might be on the hard drive of one of the dead computers.

I want me back so bad; I struggle with myself trying to get myself (mind and body) better.  As I’ve bitched rather numerous times, if my vision was good enough to drive everything would be, I think, so much better.  Even if I could just get out of the neighborhood and walk, it would be better.  But I guess I better be happy with my status right now for it could be lots worser.

Jumped back into the garage for a bit more cleanup and a very small part is looking more decent.  This after a decent walk late is morning, did 1 ½ miles and met another neighbor, Dawn Marie.  She also a PT and has her own business.   I would not mind working with her sometimes, she’s cute.  Now cut that out Leon and stop being a lecherous old man. I might actually try to take a nap today, just seems that kind of day.

Flashback:  Just trying to remember when I gave up the wheelchair, at least for the most part. I started using the walker almost exclusivity around July 2011 and used the wheelchair only when I woke up late at night or early morning or was going to do a lot of walking like at a airport or shopping. I was still so stiff it took a few minutes for me to be able to walk with minimum problems. When I recovered from the MRSA infection in Feb 2012 is when the wheelchair was parked permanently.  Sure hope I have no more use for it.  Nancy still wants to keep it and I guess when all my old clothes are donated to Goodwill I take the wheelchair out to the garage and find a home for it.  Right now all those old clothes are all parked on it.

Sat July 21   Today started decently:  Finally got rid of the vanities that had been sitting in the garage for about a year, they were left over from the bathroom remodel.  Now I can really start making progress in getting the garage in shape.  It never has been really bad, just a little cluttered but Nancy has always been able to park her car in there with no squeezing in.  Think I’ll try to do some PT exercises and then go back out to the garage and see what else I might be able to do.  I do know one thing I really want out and that is Nancy’s Dad old table saw.  I have no use for it whatsoever and don’t want to just sell because her Dad had it for years and years.  I’d like to get someone to drive me to Deming NM and have Dan, her brother, meet us there and he can get it.  I very briefly talked with him this last spring and he really would like to get it back.  If he does not want to drive halfway then I guess the only option is to sell it but I want it out.

I think I don’t like the way I am right now:  Just can’t do much of the stuff I really want to: like going for long walks, doing much of anything around the house or even driving, just a bitching a wee bit. My shoulder aches a little, forearm is crappy, and tinnitus seems worser today and bored to almost tears. Hell, even my sneezes drive me nuts.  If I had a stuffy nosy one of my sneezes would blow snot all over the place.  Guess that’s one way to get a clear head.

While doing a bit of cleaning out in the garage I found a Wild Miles Relay 2005 cd.  Our team captain did a splendid job of putting it together with movies, stills, and music.  Oh boy, does it ever bring back many good memories, hope to make more memories someday.  My cleaning out mostly consists of throwing all the work related brochures that have accumulated over the last several years. I am saving just a tiny bit of certain ones, why?  Really don’t know, well the Aquascapes stuff is really near and dear to me, at least for a while more.  I am saving some of the Unique Lighting brochures since I would like to do our house sometime this fall.

On my garage cleaning, I am bouncing around working on this for a while, then that for a while and another something else for a while more, but I am making progress it may not look it just at the moment but progress is definitely there.

Jose’, our yard guy, has been doing a fair or so-so job with the yard.  He’s regular, misses no days except for holidays but his edging is just not very good cause he uses a string trimmer instead of a real edger.  I’m not picky, yeah guess I am.  His edging in the yard instead of being nice neat 1/4”or so wide cut is starting to get an inch or more on the curves.  A string trimmer just won’t cut it unless one is very good and careful.  Even I have a hard time being satisfied using a string trimmer so I might consider letting Jose’ go and getting an electric push mower after the settlement, it would pay for itself in about a year or less.   Our yard is not very big, I can push the mower, get some exercise and yard work would give me something worthwhile to do.

Damn, FB is making me jealous with all the big races going on, I don’t know if I would have attempted a 100 miller by now but surely would have done a 50 miler  or 100k (62 miles) in and brag about it.  Maybe in a couple of years I might be able to at least consider it.  Hell no, I am not too old, Trail Runner mag had a feature article a few months about a 80 year old lady doing, I think, a 100 miler, maybe a 50.  At any rate she is someone I can look up to and say to myself, “I am NOT TOO OLD!” 

Just saw this on FB; 70-year-old Arthur Webb beat a very talented female friend and runner by 5 hours at the Angels Crest 100 mile run which is a very tough run.  Maybe someday I can be sorta like him.  Man, I am just going crazy wanting to be out there with friends and enjoying myself.  Certainly I’ll be able to puts lots of time into training, and for now it will be mostly walking a lot.  Just thought of something:  I have an excellent, I hope, bottle of wine I got in Italy several years ago squirreled away upstairs.  Whenever the settlement is reached I’ll probably get it out and celebrate.  It’ll probably be close to $100 now if it can be found at a better wine shop.

7-23  Monday  Think I have mentioned this before:  I am staying up lots later and getting up earlier, and staying up.  It was not that long ago I was ready for bed at 8 pm and slept till 9 am or even later.  Now it is common for me to stay up till 10:30 or even 11 and get up around 7 am.  I get to do my walks while the marine layer is still on and fairly cool.

Finally ordered the yoga cd and it appears there is a very active support group.  I’ve already received 7 emails letting me know there is a great support group and be sure to take before and after photos.  I might just do that and be featured on their Warriors Page.  That would be so cool, even if I don’t make it the end result is gonna be great.

I had a little trouble going to sleep last night, did not lay down until about 10:45 or so and was up at 12:30 am for a while.  Damn restless leg bothered me sorta lots last night, finally drifted off ?????.  Got up around 8 and vacuumed downstairs cause the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and the house should be at least halfway clean.  After that, no go at all, farted around and worked really hard at being lazy meaning no shower till noon and finally dressed about 1 pm.  Don’t feel bad, not really in a bad mood, just not with it at all today.  I will make myself do at least a little PT today and piddle around in the garage a bit.

Ended up doing no PT to speak of but did an exercise that DDP Yoga had on FB.  I admit it does feel better good, just need to get in a better mood so I’m with the program.Wed, tomorrow is a big day, Nancy and I meet with Ron to discuss the lawsuit.  I am so ready to get everything over with and start, really start, on getting me back.   Have no idea what it is about, maybe because we are getting closer to the end?

7-25 Wed   Today is a big day, I think, but I am just not with it today.  I don’t feel bad, just sorta out of sorts and can’t really describe it other to say it is yucky. My head is on poorly too, tinnitus is a bit worse, everything, it seems, is crappy.  Maybe the feeling of being trapped, not able to do much other than fart around a tiny bit on this or that is contributing.

One thing I do enjoy is reading ultra runner blogs, just makes me wish I could do something.  I’ll never be fast again, but I think with lots of training and yoga, probably lots and lots of long walks, slow jogs, very slow jogs, I might be able to do some of the easy runs.  When I can drive again, being out there definitely will happen.  I want so badly to start a blog and post on FB about my trials and the comebacks but I need to wait until everything is settled. It would be nice to get lots of positive feedback.

I did see Ron this afternoon and things will start in fast forward soon.  Nancy gives her deposition Aug 9th. I will go see a psychologist and an ophthalmologist sometime in the next few weeks.  There will be a preliminary hearing on Sept 17th and after that, I just don’t know. Oh, the City of Fullerton will probably kick in 3 or 400,000 and maybe even $500,000 towards the settlement.   It turns out Ron is good professional friends with the defense attorney and that probably helps a bunch. I mentioned this earlier, Ron is most happy with the 75-25% my fault changing to 25-75% my fault.  It’s getting better all the time, but I still wish the end would just hurry up. At least I think I do, sometimes the wait is better.

Went to the dermatologist today and he removed a quarter sized piece, basel cell cancer, from my left sideburn area and it did smart a bit, especially the second time when he needed to get the leftover carcinogenic cells.  Go back tomorrow and he’ll take a piece of skin off my shoulder to use as a skin graft.  Did it hurt?  There were a couple of times I really flinched and moaned a little and those were not moans of pleasure. As I said before, I can’t blame this on the accident, just being out in the sun too long for too many years.

I did pull a good one.  When they were setting up the appointment Thursday was mentioned and I said that was ok.  What I did not hear was “Aug 16th, thought she meant next Thurs!, and here I am 3 weeks early. They worked me in and Austin came and got me at the bank just as we planned all along. Nancy did not have to take me back home and so no wasted trip for her and that was good.

Went back today to get a skin graft cut out of my shoulder and implanted on my face.  Just a couple of flinches, good ones, but not too bad at all.  Supposed to put ointment  on every hour, ended up every couple hours so I coulda been a little better.  When I got home I looked at my shoulder, wow, a cut about 3” long with about 15 stitches! At least no hurt.  I’m kinda backing off the yoga for cause I need not stretch my shoulder stitches for a few days.

Doug Malewicki, an older very good running friend and another ultra running star, Gordy Ainsleigh, had the best business cards to hand out for the Trans Rockies run. “U Bin Geezered”  They’ll hand the cards out to everyone they pass and it will probably be quite a few.


When I get back out on the trails, maybe in Oct/Nov, I certainly will have some cards made up with me wearing my new shirt.

As I think about the maybe upcoming interview with a psychologist might be a good thing.  I think about all I can tell him, or her, is along the same things I’ve written about for months.  I just wanna get me back and I will work hard at it and there is no way to recover 2 lost years of my life.  I’m tired of being old and decrepit.  Being old is not too bad, it’s being decrepit that really pisses me off.  I am really starting to dislike having to depend upon someone else to go places and not doing anything I used to do with ease. About all I can do is go forward, maybe slowly, maybe backwards now and then, but keep on going forward.  It’ll be nice when everything is settled because there is much I want to do and can get to work on it.

Sun July 29   Finally got around to checking the elevation change around our block, it’s about 40 ft.  So a 1 mile walk, 4 laps, means there is about 160 feet elevation change up and down and that means I am getting a bit of a hill workout.  Be most interesting when I try for the Chino Hills 10k in Nov. But at least it is all walkable on fire roads with just a short single track trail.  I really don’t care if it takes me 3 hours to do a 10k, all it means is that I am really back and it’ll be so fun to be out there.

Did the DDP Yoga energy workout today for the first time and, let me tell you it is one hell of a workout for doing almost absolutely nothing.  No impossible positions, maybe hard for a few but almost anyone can get there within a few weeks.  No weights, no running in place, it really appears to be doing nothing but I was out of breath  and the heart rate did jump a few notches.  All this in just a 21 minute workout, there is no doubt that almost everyone can benefit with only a small investment of time several times a week. Of course if the goal is to lose weight one probably needs to cut out the half dozen Krispy Crème donuts every morning, the big slice of cheesecake, and the midnight snack of a pie slice.

I really wished I knew about DDP Yoga and used it before the accident, I’d probably be in much better shape now. Since I’ve nutin else to do, I’ll probably try use it every day and maybe even 2x a day. Let you know in a few weeks how I progress. Don’t mind wearing the hard ankle brace too much but I have been, for a few days at least, been doing w/o any ankle brace at all.  Seems I do walk a bit better than a few months ago.  About the only time, I now wear the hard ankle brace is if I am out outside or walking outside and that is more because of the legal issues.  If it were just me, I would definitely try a walk around the block with no brace.  Maybe in a couple months I can do w/o the hard brace and just use the flex brace and go from there.

Crap, I can go from being comfy to cold in a nano second, from ok to stuffy or too warm nearly as fast, and all over the place.  Crap, I go outside where it is not stuffy to me and I get cold and here is it nearly August and I get cold outside, what the heck is going on?

End of July, done for another month.


One response to “July 2012 Now only a year behind! Things did not happen near as fast as we expected but…. that’s life.”

  1. Jean May says :

    Seeing progress with each month. Sure you also see the progress more now while you review your notes. Can say I knew a woman who had lupus, and she had to have both legs amputated. I would visit her, in hopes to cheer her up. Always left feeling better than I went in. Nelda was such a positive person, always cheerful. You are
    a good example of positive up beat person. No excuses, just keep looking forward to the next challenge. Keep it up my friend.

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