Chapter 9 2012




Chapter 9

October 2012

Monday Oct 1  A hot forecast for today 102 or so and for the next day or two.  Crud, so ready for cooler weather.  I’ve missed yoga for 2 days and I really needed to stretch since it is too warm to be out much.

Been thinking about all my aches and physical stuff not working.  As I’ve said, If there were only 1 or 2 things I needed to deal with there would be much fewer mental stresses.  When it takes almost 2 pages to describe everything that hurts or does not work well, that sucks.  But….I am so thankful I need no pain medicines and I can sorta get around, it could easily be so much worse.

Guess not only am I whining(?) about my physical state but also about my mental state.  I just not like at all being perceived by anyone as near helpless, which I AM NOT. I readily admit I may be close to appearing in that condition sometimes but not really.  I am sometimes not very comfortable being in a crowd, especially if a bit noisy.  I sometimes, hell I don’t know, just don’t seem to be very sharp or with it.  Of course, with my hearing/seeing/speech doing not so well contributes a lot to that feeling and don’t know what, if anything, can make me feel a bit more whole. It’s just that my head seems to be “swimming” or sloshing around  more and that just aggravates all the other physical issues and it is blooming hot again today, 105 degrees! I just might turn into a typical old curmudgeon if this heat keeps up.

It is a little cooler today, yea!  I went to the group meeting this morning and I must admit the group leader did a much better today, more people got to speak since I started a few weeks ago.  Still, me and about 4 or 5 others were left.   I still think there are way too many people, the group should be about half the size.

Another doctor visit today, almost forgot about it.  Looks like I am now set for a colonoscopy in a few days, just what I need.  Columnist Dave Barry wrote about his experience of having a 17,000 foot tube shoved up his rear end, funny story. Enough on that!

I did 1 mile this morning and another 1 ½ miles late this evening.  My times are slowly improving, especially with cooler weather.  With just a little effort  I can now do 6:30 min laps for a whole mile.  Yipee!  And I am not totally wiped out afterwards.  This might allow me to really work hard once everything is settled.

Got a FB note from a guy I used to run against at the Winter Trail Runs.  He said I used to pass him with about a mile to go.  He heard about the accident from Baz, the race director, and that does make me feel good that people remember.  Talk about feeling good,  a number of times during races I’d be passing someone, or they pass me, and they would make a comment something like “I hope I can run as good as you when I’m your age”.  Especially if it was a good-looking woman or a young whippersnapper.   I already have plans for Micki to take me to the first run in early Jan, so long as it is not pouring rain.  So many people I want to see.

Thur Oct 4  Weather is cooler and had my fastest 2 miles around the block in a fast 49:22 and got there w/o really having to work as I’ve been doing. Getting very close to a consistent 27 min mile, I guess I might be getting in a little better condition.  But…. Damn it, feet are crap, vision sucks etc.  Blah,   ditto ditto

Did the group psychology meeting this morning and I have to admit it was again a bit better. There are two counselors and I really like the one that was in today, she seems to keep things moving at a much better pace plus she is easier for me to understand.  If she could be in all the time, I think I would be much more inclined to continue.  She did say I was on the right track so far as tackling my physical issues.

A Snail’s Pace runner friend. Kenny Yu, is a physical instructor and I will go see him next at the new community center here in Fullerton.  Hate to admit it, but it is a senior class and that means really ancient people. But….I suppose I am ancient, 67, to lots of younger folks.  I so want to be able to kick younger butts again.

My feet don’t really hurt hurt but they are very uncomfortable, kinda like playing soccer with a bowling ball, and wearing 5 pound ankle weights.  Still, I did a 3 mile walk this morning and the times are faster without any more effort.  I can now do a consistent 25-26 minute mile, yea!

Oct 6 Sat morning:   A big weekend planned:  Mick, Sal and I are going to Joshua Tree for the weekend.  Hoping to leave early Sat. but Sal has to work and so it probably will by late Sat before we leave, dang it.  Fill everything in later.

It turned out to be about 7pm before we left and got down there about 9.  I was able to sit in the truck w/o any major squirming or wiggling and that is good.  We did go out to Joshua Tree late at night to gaze at the stars and moon watch.  My night vision sucks, it really helps to have a flashlight even for walking on pavement.  Ate breakfast at Denny’s and my hash browns were surprisingly good and gave me energy for the day.

Sal drove a few miles along a dirt road, supposed to be 4 wheel drive only was but not really,  it was great being out in the middle of nowhere. Joshua Tree is desert but what a great place to go exploring this time of year.  We did do about a 3 1/2 or 4 mile walk with about a 350-400 ft elevation gain. I can’t believe it, yea I can.  I kicked Sals butt while walking.  Not sure of the distance we walked but when we drove home he had to nap all the way back from Joshua Tree.  It really felt good to do a hard workout w/o worrying bout who might see me.  I’ll be so glad when I can do this all the time, so wanna get back into doing some 5/10ks and being around lots of friends.






































I am most anxious to try a couple of different approaches to my feet and overall health.  First is Neuropathy Support Formula that seems like it might work and is relatively inexpensive.  It uses different types of B1, B2, B6, and B12 vitamins and some other stuff and from what I can find on the internet, it just might be very worthwhile.  After we settle, I want to go to a doc down in Mission Viejo and try something for my overall health. Maybe try his supplements or do a stem cell round.  It is money, but again it is not all that much and I am willing to try it. As I’ve said a number of times, I just wanna get me back or maybe a little different me back.

I went to the group meeting at Dr. Flores office today and still a big waste. It’s like being in a secretary pool when everyone is on break and someone brought their back x-rays showing where a vertebra was broken. That’s supposed to be important?  I suppose it might be good for her to talk about it, but not me. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I kept a journal and I only wrote about the challenges I face, my triumphs (such as they are), my good days and my not so good days.  I specifically mentioned I do not whine about anything (much), I do not trash anyone or anything, and I just try to be straightforward with maybe a bit of gallows humor here and there and try to be positive.  Everyone thought I was really on the right track and it did feel good to have confirmation. I finally have my one on one Dr Flores Thursday and can hardly wait. It’ll be interesting.

Guess I need to do a little whinning.  Damn tinnitus is still a problem most of the time and from what I’ve found not really a whole lot is worthwhile to pursue and MDs generally say “Just deal with it.”  I did find a tinnitus therapy on CD that sounds interesting, only $47 with a money back guarantee.  I might take a closer look after we settle.  I have no idea, nor does anyone else, if the accident contributed or not.  I tend to think so, the hard knock and 2 month coma certainly did not help.  Nevertheless, the accident is the root cause of nearly all my problems and challenges.

Oct 10 Wed:   Today has been a busy one: Went over to the new Fullerton Community Center, saw Kenny Yu, and took part in his exercise class.  All it is different kinds of stretches and they can be a big help for lots of folks.  I’ll probably do them for several weeks primarily for something to do and they exercises will definitely help.  The only thing a little disconcerting is that I am the youngest one and I used to being the oldest one, quite a change.

Later I took a Bella out for a couple of laps and then Heidi and I did another 11/2 miles.  I smoked em’ the last mile at a 23:00 min mile pace.  Cooler weather certainly helps bunches.  I’ve already done one set of yoga and may try to do another set a bit later.

Yea!  I did do another yoga set and a fast mile at 23 minutes, yippee!  A few more weeks that 20 min mile might be in sight.  Also had my fastest lap at 5:25 min, that’s about 3 times faster than when I first started walking.  I did have to push a little but the cooler weather does make it easier but now it is getting darker earlier, boo!  It seems I wake up lots earlier than I used to.  This morning was 6:45 and not that long ago I would have easily slept til after 9.

Today was my one on one with Dr Flores, think I will just go on Thursdays from now on because I like that group leader better and I’ll go for a few more weeks just to see else might happen.  Still, not real happy with it but….   I did get a call from his office for a final meeting on Nov 26.  Be glad when that is all done.

We had our 1st rain in several months and a lot cooler at 70!  With light sprinkles for the last lap of my 2 mile walk I had to really speed it up since it looked might rain hard so I hauled buns!  Got in my 2 miles at 46:53 and I’ve already done 1 mile earlier so it was a good day for walking.

Another day:  Got in a 4, FOUR, mile walk at a decent pace of probably about 6:45 min average per lap.  I remember a lap taking 13-15 minutes and so this is good, real good.  Especially considering there were grave concerns about me and what I might/might not be able to do when I was in the hospital 16 months ago. Now I just wish I could go out somewhere and let it all hang out.  Not yet, still need to..oh, whatever!!!!!

Bored, bored so I took the dogs out for 2 laps each.  That means I walked 5 miles today and I think that is a record for me at this stage.  Hopefully, in a couple months I can go out and do that every day and go all over the place. Yoga called me again, been just a little slack lately so I need to pick up the pace a little.

 Oct-13 Sat   If I could, I’d be climbing walls right about now, bored shitless and Nancy is working lots, Micki went to Vegas and not sure about the boys.  So anyways, I’ve walked twice today, each for 1 mile and my heart is not really in it, yuck.  I’ve noticed for a long time my night vision sucks, it really helps if there is a little light just so I have some visual clues about where I am walking.  I’ve found a neuropathy supplement I want try, lots cheaper than chiropractors, and everything I can find to check on it seems to be on the up and up: BBB, different supplement information sites has all been very good and at about $145 for a 3 month supply I am more than willing to give it a try. It might even help a couple of other issues I have, we’ll see.

This Sunday evening I really do not feel at all chipper:  tinnitus is a bitch, no go juice whatever, draggin’, too tired to be bored, too early (7pm) for sleep,  too whatever, crap!  My feet are very worser, they hurt a little but feel super yucky for walking. Think I’ll go try to find something a little sweet for a snack.  A tiny bit of good news:  I will order my neuropathy supplements tomorrow, I am most anxious to see if they work at all.  God, I hope they do.

I ordered the neuropathy supplements and one other item, Nerve Repair Optimizer, that is supposed to kick start the repairs.  At $23 a bottle, what the hell, not much at all so I went for it.

This has nothing to do with the accident but just part of being an old fart.  Today I start prepping for a colonoscopy, no food other than broth or Jello for 24 hours.  I might be ready for a big burger or something wonderfully good on Tues after I am done.    I get to drink a whole gallon of the prep liquid, what fun!!!  The good thing is that I will be sedated for the procedure and will not remember anything.

I went through the procedure this morning and I checked out fine.  The only downer is that next time, in 5 years, I’ll probably have to do a 2 day cleansing, oh joy.

I think I am starting to feel a little discouraged in the last few days.  Everything seems to feel worse: eyes, head not on straight, totally no energy, and even walking does not seem to feel as good as it has.  I still walk but because I need to and not because I want to.  Yoga is out for a while, heart just not in it as it should be. Tired, so tired I have been ready to lay down at 7ish  for several days but that is way too early so I have been forcing myself to stay up later, and I’ve been sleeping a bit later also.  Crud.

I seem to be not making any real progress on anything in the last few months and I did note that on the Health Issues page I will be sending to Ron in a couple of weeks.  I have kept track of all my health/mental issues and occasionally forward them to Ron so he’ll be able to use them on our legal issues.  Since there might be something happening in Nov. I’ll make sure he is up to date in late Oct.

I‘ll be on pins and needles waiting for the neuropathy supplements to arrive.  They may work as soon as one week or it might take 2 months,  or more, once I start:  I’ve the time but want so badly for them work ASAP.  I guess all I can do is start taking them as soon as they arrive and hope for the best. I suspect that with all the damage they will probably take months to work, I will certainly try..

Hot again today but I still did some and just walked some. I’ve walked around the block about 186 miles or 744 laps.  That’s right about 744 laps, no wonder I feel like I’m going round and round.  Total miles since Feb is about 250,  Sounds like a  lot but not very much per day.

Oct 18  Thur  Not accident related:  just got back from the dermatologist and had another biopsy done on spot on my arm.  That makes 3 spots and looks like we’re catching all early.  Know in about a week if the arm spot is skin cancer.

Weather is a little cooler but is humid and I will try to get on track today with yoga and go 2 or 3 miles walking today.

Yipee!  Yea!!!  Horay!  Talked with Ron today and he said they are asking us how much I wanted for the settlement and he has already said the City of Fullerton will kick in a little more, plus it will all be tax free and cash up front. So maybe in a few weeks I can really work on me big time, I have lots I want to do. I am SO ready to move on and put what I can behind me.

Oh Boy, got the nerve supplements today and already popped a dose.  We’ll see how they work and I hope my feet really get better.   Since the supplement are supposed to help with the feet nerves it might also help on my right hand and eyes.  Might also help a little with the tinnitus, one doctor said a B vitamin complex might help and this product is heavy on the B vitamins.  Anyways, 2 bits of good news today and now I am in a much better mood.














B1 is 13,750% and B12 is 33,332% strong so that might do some good but might take months to kick in

Some more good news:  Skip came by and we went to the Fullerton Farmers Market, got to see a couple of old friends and we’ll do one more time before it shuts down for the year.  So that’s three good news items for today.  Yea!

I’ve been intending to mention for several days:  I can now lift my right foot up just barely enough, without pulling, to put on shorts/pants.  For many months I had to pull my foot up by hand and be sitting down in a chair or on the bed to get dressed.  Small things here and there.


Bella is trying to help by making me step over her and thus doing some stretching and helping my balance.

Oct 20  Sat  Cloudy and a bit cooler this morning and actually had a couple drops of rain.  Now I’m thinking I’m gonna need more long pants when it gets cooler.  Really like to get some hiking types that are so comfy to wear but I don’t really want to pay $70 or $80, or more, bucks per pair.   Maybe I’ll luck out and find a 2 or 3 pairs at $40 or so.   Even if I had mucho money in the checking acct I still WILL not pay more than about $50 unless I get into good enough shape to do a multiday hike and then I MIGHT be willing to spend a little more.   Just too tight/frugal to part with much money.  El Nino might hit this year and if it does it will probably be wet and rainy lots so I might need some rain pants and Goretex shoes.  We’ll see what happens.   I already have a good rainproof jacket I used to wear while trail running and it will be great for those cool misty days.

Just finished a 3rd walk today, getting closer a 6:30 min lap average and this is only pushing a little.  If I push hard I might get down to a 6 min lap consistently and that is my next real goal. Just thinking we might be all settled by Dec and if so, I think I’d like to go to the Snails Bash in mid/late January.  It’s a lot of fun seeing a lot of your running friends, and other Snails clubs, all dressed up in tuxs and after 5 evening gowns.  It’s hard to imagine a formal party being loads of fun but this one certainly is. I missed last year and I want to make an appearance to let lots of people know I am back.  Yeah, I think I am craving the attention

Mick and I did the Stater Bros loop Sun evening and while I did not push hard going down I did push coming back and uphill, really got my heart rate up.  I am a little sore today on the hip but I earned it. Can’t wait till I can starting doing the Summit House Loop and I’ll have to remember NOT to push hard till on the way back.  Right now I am very tempted to do the whole thing as soon as everything is settled but probably would be best to do Hillcrest park a couple times or so and then gradually work into the Summit House Loop.

Dogs and I did another 2 miles today and I am a bit tired.  I don’t mind being tired if I’ve do something to EARN it.  I don’t like being tired from doing nothing and sitting around all day with my thumb up my butt. Still tired and don’t want to do anything I still managed to do another mile up the alley.  Still tired but rereading one of my Kindle stories about the lady that had to reboot her brain after an aneurysm hoping to get some motivation and some ideas about a potential blog.

One of Nancy’s coworkers has gone to a Dr. Whitaker Wellness Center in Newport Beach for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and said it has helped her (whatever that is/was)   I called today just to see what a consultation might cost, about $325 which is not too bad at all and I will very likely go see what they recommend.  I am definitely not gonna be a typical patient so I make sure they get a copy of my health issues report I’ve given to Ron.  As you know I’ve no weight issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, any disease, unbearable hurts or anything that drives most people to see someone like him, just a heck of lot of hurts/aches and poorly functioning body parts and I wanna get me back.

I took a real nap this afternoon, the first in a long time.  I didn’t think I was out that long but it was dark when I woke up, about 6:40 pm.  Maybe a 2 hour nap? I do sometimes lie down for a few minutes but almost never sleep.  Here it is at 9:30 and I think I’m about to fall back to sleep.

10-23 Tuesday  I think I am really starting to get tired of the way I am, mostly with the vision issues and head swimming.  It seems as though I am not making near as much progress as I was, crappydo.  I readily admit the yoga is helping on some stretches and I will continue them probably for next to forever just because I think it will help at some point on the long run.

I did another mile this morning, late, and probably the slowest in a while.  Just not in the mood to push and no dogs either.  I guess I am really getting older:  I can just brush against sometime a teensy bit hard and I bleed or get a bruise.  Don’t know what to do about it, all the vitamins/minerals should help but don’t seem to be working, damn it.

Still rereading “Rebooting My Brain” and I might be getting some very faint glimmers of how to proceed on this.  Maria is a very outgoing type a person and writes very well.  I, on the other hand, do not have that gift or process that talent so I am basically clueless even though I have many years of school.  Fat lot of good that is doing me now.

Flashback:  I remember the catheter being removed and was told I needed to pee within the next few hours or back in it goes.  NOOOOO!  It took a while but finally managed to get the job done.  I still had the PEG (feeding tube) in and it would stay for in waaay too long and it finally had it removed in June or July, I had to go under the gas because it hurt like a SOB when the doctor tried to remove it.  It stayed in longer because there was the possibility I would need more major surgery.

I do remember Nancy telling me that when I was in the comma my electrolytes went wild.  Just when they thought I was somewhat stable this happened and what a way to jerk the emotions around even more after they’ve been already been through so much.  Nancy did a stellar job of paying my landscaping bills, letting certain customers know the situation, taking over completely everything related to the house.  Cliff, one of my close business associates, did a wonderful job of taking care of customers.  Some of my running friends walked Bella and Heidi, Yen brought over sumptuous fried rice.  Friends really helped Nancy get through a very trying time.  Just remembered:  Instead of calling all my running friends,   she sent out mass test messages to let everyone know all the updates.   It would have been difficult, and trying, to talk with everyone.

Oct 26 Friday:  I have really been a bit tired lately, I wonder if that hard 2 mile walk Sunday with Micki is the root cause?  If so, I am truly pissed.  Here I used to be a decent age group trail runner and doing 15 -20 miles trail runs for fun and now I am tired from a very easy lousy 2 mile walk.  Crap, will I ever recover to do more?  Some say it is a miracle I am even here and much less walking at all.  All I can do is plug on!

Naiveté can be your best friend when trying to make a comeback, you just don’t realize how high or tough the recovery road can really be. Blissful ignorance about legal issues that seem to take lots more time than they should, physical limitations of your current self, just all the stuff that seems to hold one back. I don’t have any big plans after everything is settled, maybe just several small ones like driving, being out on the trails with friends, taking the dogs for long walks and maybe doing/having some stuff done around the house.  Nothing major but I would like to redo the pond with larger boulders, maybe building a covered shelter with a fireplace or firepit.  No, nothing extravagant just some stuff we were planning on anyway.

Am I still me?  I think the mental me is still about the same but certainly not the physical me.  So lucky the head impact did not turn me a mindless lump of flesh or make me totally invalid.  Other than being bored and down because I can’t go walking around or drive, the mental me seems to be ok, not great but ok.  I think once I can get out and really start pushing myself my whole outlook will change for the better. Some might wonder how I deal with all this and I guess it’s really pretty simply: some gallows humor helps some, don’t ask “Why me?”, try to have a good outlook in spite of everything, set goals that are realistic.  When I was in the hospital I was already planning what trail races I thought I be able to do.  To my credit I focused only on the relatively easy ones and none of the challenging ones.

Just found out I have another appointment with another ophthalmologist in several weeks.  Oh boy, now I get to really try to explain why my vision sucks.  Just to make sure nothing important is forgotten I’ll do another short write up on my vision issues and give it to him.  I think this will be the last doctor appt for the defense, they’ve already done the psychological tests, orthopedic exams and whatever else so once they receive the info from the ophthalmologist they might be ready to make an offer.  Getting there.

I’ve gripped some about the group sessions and noted the final appt with the Dr was after Thanksgiving. His office called today and I go in tomorrow afternoon, supposed to take 3 – 5 hours.  More tests, ugh. Ok, I did get to talk with both group leaders for just a moment and one commented she really liked my positive attitude and that made me feel good.  I gave both a suggestion they read  ”Rebooting My Brain” and I think they will probably do that.   Few minutes later I got to do some more tests, mickey mouse kind, and then finally a few minutes with Dr. Flores.  So far as I could tell he thinks I am doing pretty darn good and no more visits.  Yea!!!!  Well, no more visits to him or PT means Austin will lose out on a few hours of easy work.  If he finds a part time job I’ll just have to deal with it and use a taxi.

Sometimes when your life’s suitcase is dumped, don’t’ get mad or upset – get rid of what is no longer needed, repack what you really need and it’ll be lots lighter, and move on.

For several weeks I’ve been able to move the 5 gallon water bottles by actually carrying them to the dispenser and reloading it.  This is the bottom load dispenser so there is no lifting those heavy bottles waist high and then trying to maneuver the open bottle into the dispenser w/o spilling.  I can also reload the dog food container with 35 pound bags so I am getting some of my strength back, it ain’t pretty but I get it done.

 Cruddy day, I did give Bella a bath and that is ALL I did.  Did not walk at all and that is the FIRST time in many weeks I did not do even a single lap.  I, however, did take a very short moonlight stroll in front of the house with no cane or brace.    That was the first time I have been out today and a mixed bag.  I am just tired and the damn tinnitus seems to be worse today.  On the other hand, it did feel kinda good just to be out for a minute.

I spent some time on the Whitaker Natural Health website today and I think I will go see him right after the settlement.  They’ve been in business for 30 some odd years and I think that is a testament for them.  They have many different treatments and I have a lot of things they can work on.  Maybe I can  get one or two hurts/aches items made better.

It might be time to make a distinction between me and me.  There is the mental me and the physical me, related and intertwined, sometimes and sometimes not.  A big part of the mental me longs to be back out on the trails with friends and part of the mental me realizes that may not happen for a while.  Meanwhile, the physical me is sometimes tired from just doing next to nothing or doing several laps around the block.  How the hell am I gonna do anything out there, and what the hell am I thinking? I suppose it’ll all be sorted out in a few months.

Maria, Rebooting my Brain, touched upon something that may be applicable to me.  I did suffer from an extremely hard hit on the head (I broke the bus windshield) and right at the moment, I think I suffer no major mental issues, other than being occasionally down, but she mentioned that brain injury patients sometimes had problems years after the accident, kinda like a delayed PTSD.  It would be nice if the other party would cover therapy or whatever in case it is needed.

10-28  Sunday  I’ve saw several friends Thurs. at the Famers Market and they all commented on how good I look.  I suppose that is true because I certainly do look lots better than when I was in the hospital/nursing home or even a few months ago.  But….as I’ve said before I just wish I felt as good as I supposedly look.  Nevertheless, I should be very happy I can get those compliments because the alternative is sucky.

Still warm today but I did another 1 mile, very easy, in under 30 minutes.  When the weather stays cooler I might be in a better mood to try to get consistently under 26 min mile.  Maybe ankle, feet and toes will feel a bit better when cooler.

Still. A cruddy crappy day, just don’t want to do anything but a little too warm to walk.  Crappy do-do.  I touched on this a few days ago, I can now lift my right leg up all the way to put boxers or pants on. I can now stand on one leg, and not hold on to anything, and get them on.  I can also stand on one leg at a time. Making progress

Think I’ve finally figured out why I lately seem to be out of it.  Well, for starters not seeing well sucks, tinnitus is often loud, and one of my hearing aids needs to be sent in for repair so I hear not worth a damn.  In addition, my voice still sounds not right to me.  Never mind all the physical stuff that aches and other stuff that does not work well, so there!  Kinda like blind, deaf, and dumb! And hurtin’.

I seem to be in a little better mood today but have a little, very little, go juice and so I did just a little bit of vacuuming and picking up.  Done, for the day! I did .5 mile this morning and late today another 1 mile.  Really sucked, no go at all and I had to make myself get out there to go round n round.  Eye, feet, and head not really happy and I am not happy either.  I seem to have no endurance/stamina improvement in spite of all the walking I’ve done.  Craps, there goes my slightly better mood.  The only improvement I’ve noticed lately is when doing cannonballs for yoga I can now kiss my left knee and if I work hard I can kiss my right knee.  A few weeks ago it would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, for me to do something like that.

Since I seem to be whining a bit I might as well expound upon the hurts:  Toes and bottoms of both feet are definitely worse than a couple of months ago, right ankle is way worse, tinnitus comes and goes (mostly comes!), vision is lousy – its like, I don’t know, my vision and my brain don’t communicate very well.   Even the easy chair is not comfortable for very long.  Damn it, I just wanna get something better.

Tuesday Oct 30 Today seems to be a bit better.  Nick and I did some yard work for about an hour or so and then errands.  I even walked 11/2 miles this evening and the last mile was at 26 min which is decent, not the fastest but good with Heidi and 1 lap going up the alley.  Maybe the Tylenol last night helped, I need to try it again and see if it really helps.

Yippee, did a mile moonlight walk, up the alley, and no cane. Total time 25:56 and I had to push going up the hill, being dark but, still moonlight, probably slowed me a little but not very much.  Probably need to hit the Tylenol again and see how I am tomorrow.

Went to the colonoscopy doc today, Wed, and I get to do a 2 day cleanout and do another colonoscopy in several weeks.  What joyful joy!  I am waiting with baited breath to begin another round in about a month.  I’m really happy, yeah, right!!  Well, I’ll check my weight before I go in and see what it is.

Halloween was nothing tonight, had about 6 small groups come by.  Did not walk today but did do yoga and exercise at the comm. center. Maybe I’ll walk tomorrow so really a lot of nothing.

Another month bites the dust.  The last 3 months have seen a few changes: some good, some could be better, and some, just changes so it might be time to start another chapter for Nov and we’ll see if anything earthshaking happens.


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